Our Team Tune-Ups are short, highly interactive trainings that offer new skills and perspectives to grow your business with an emphasis on the following arenas:

Developing new strategies

  • Establish a clear vision which includes all of the divergent elements of your life.
  • Have greater precision in your strategic thinking.
  • Make decisions with extreme effectiveness.
  • Transform your company culture into an inspired team that thrives on execution.
  • Intervene strategically with the people who make up your network.

Teambuilding and alignment

  • Discern project goals that unite people in high-spirited teams.
  • Observe what is and is not working during a group project.
  • Experience true teamwork and the value of "planned" spontaneity.
  • Boost employee morale.

Communication Skills

  • Explore the ABC's of People Reading.
  • Deliver and receive clear communication.
  • See the effect of your communication on others.
  • Learn the fine art of acknowledgement and feedback.

 Service and selling

  • Go beyond verbal and body language to read what people truly want.
  • Connect with people in a meaningful way.
  • Share about your product or service with enthusiasm.
  • Handle considerations, closing and re-closing with curiosity.
  • Improve client relationships.

    Customized for small or large groups in 60 minute, half and full day formats.

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Team Tune-Ups

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