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"When I play, it gets me smart for my homework."  - 6 year old

"The games we played were actually valuable communication tools

that we are now using with our project teams.  The party was fantastic!"  

                                                       – Project Manager, Shell Services International

Excellent for...

* Employee recognition

* Employee appreciation

* Teamwork

* Inspiration

* Rejuvenation

* New hire orientation

* Pre-hire process

* Spouse event

OK, we’ve got stats out the yazoo (IT’S SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN) that play amongst adults is beneficial.  It affects:
* productivity
* innovation & creativity
* employee retention
* employee health

* stress release

* team spirit
* work environment

** PLUS all the best companies are doing it and you don’t want to be left out, cold and alone, with bits of leaves blowing around your shoes, while they go on to fame and fortune and you…..don’t.

 Soooo….we can either quote all the scientific studies – or you can just experience a You Onstage party designed for your particular company or group.  Otherwise known as “get your fun on

Our facilitators are specially trained to playfully, yet respectfully, bring out the best in everyone, while encouraging both individual charisma and teamwork to shine. 

* Here's our "method" (you need to see this!) - Zen Master and the Emperor

* Scientific support (you don't really need to see this!) - but read on anyway