Bringing out the best in people through the power of performance


On the stage of life, both at work and home, we are often hiding behind characters and personalities that have little to do with who we really are and who we wish to be.

We are all performers. Some of us do it professionally on stage or in the movies. The rest of us do it on sales calls, in relationships, giving a speech, leading a team or singing in the shower.

Whatever your hidden (or not so hidden) talents, we will expand on them and develop them in often surprising ways. Throughout this highly interactive course, you will discover how to unleash your natural charisma (you do, too, have it!) both on and off the "stage".

Did we mention that it's fun?!

This is not a regular acting or improv class, although we do use games and exercises plus coaching tools to create a safe and nurturing environment to discover something new about yourself and how you connect with others - and yourself!  Try it for the first time or take your performance to the next level.

The first performers were our ancestors singing, dancing and telling stories around the campfire.  Performing is in our genes so come rediscover your natural abilities.

Delilah Blake has been leading this class for over 20 years around the U.S. and Europe.

"You helped me step into a new role as a polished presenter.  I am in the AMEN section of your choir."     -  Attorney                                                                 

"The international convention went extremely well.  The time I spent in this class was of great value in my preparation as well  as my confidence on stage."              - Sales Director


We're on the road alot and have delivered You Onstage everywhere from NYC to Austin to Sedona to Oregon to Maui to Munich.   If you missed us last time, stay tuned & we'll let you know when and where the next one will be! 

"This is the best example I have ever seen of how people really communicate with each other."

                                                    - Journalist                                                                

It was like an extra date night. Class was fun and always had us stretching. The class was run in such a way that it was safe to experiment and provided welcome affirmation for both of us.  It was refreshing to be in an environment where play like that was the norm!  - Couple

"You have a gift for bringing out the best in people."  - Entrepreneur


"Thank you for providing a fun, accepting, safe environment.  My presentation skills took a HUGE leap forward!"       - Speaker



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"I thoroughly enjoyed the class.   It helped me relax

and  hit on something about being comfortable being

more spontaneous and not so serious all the time."  

                                                             - Physician


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