In the theater of business, how you interact with others is crucial to your success.  Through playful games that foster connection, communication and team spirit, we’ll energize your team, honor their contributions and achievements, and bring them profoundly together.

The best learning often takes place when people are having fun.  Instead of a lecture or PowerPoint presentation, and meant to be a microcosm of real-work scenarios, we first play games and exercises from the world of theater.  These develop skills that can be applied to team bonding, productivity, innovation and creativity, and stress release.

Then we give team leaders and team members an opportunity to create a one-hour (in person) or 1/2 hour (online) informal comedy show together.  Here is where the new communication and connection skills they’ve been practicing are put to use.  As participants become more spontaneous and open, and enjoy the success of their collaboration, a more productive way of working together can emerge. 

Why a show?  We have found that giving people a project that is in unfamiliar waters helps open them up to new perspectives.   Valuable information and awareness of patterns of behavior can be clearly seen without confrontation.

By providing a fun and safe environment, even the shyest person in your group will be able to participate. 

You Onstage playfully, yet respectfully, brings out the best in everyone, creates a positive work environment, and encourages both individual talent and teamwork to shine. 

This is results-oriented, fun and tailored to meet your specific focus and group size, whether it’s a conference, retreat or team meeting.

Available in half- or full-day format, IN PERSON -or- ONLINE!

   Bringing out the best in people through the power of performance

Facilitator:  Delilah Blake, co-founder of Curiosity Lab & Theater, has been leading this course for over 25 years.  more

   YOU ONSTAGE  - Team Building - 

in person or online

"Even when there was rapid information flow, the exercises showed me how to keep a team in high performance action."   

- Vice President, International Consulting Firm

"Our team was TOTALLY energized and changed by your seminar.  The results have been long-lasting and we have built on them day to day.  In addition to results, your seminar had a high entertainment value, which the team really appreciated.  It created good will and high morale to have provided this for my employees."    - CEO, Corporate Housing

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"When I play, it gets me smart for my homework."  - 6 year old