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How are you doing during these wild, weird, challenging times.....for real?

If you came to the tribe’s medicine person disheartened, dispirited or just plain bored, they might ask you:

Are you taking time to play?
When you talk with others, are you really connecting?
How can you feel more confident and more like yourself?

We here at Curiosity Lab hope you are finding ways to stay connected to whatever inspires, delights, helps you feel creative and tickles you.  Even a few minutes a day - whether it's going for a walk in nature, learning to play a new instrument, finally zenning the garage, joining a dance or yoga class on Zoom, or taking a bubble bath with candles and champagne - can help you feel like a real, live person.  OK, being dramatic but you get the point. 

“In this age of isolation, play with peers requires

a fair bit of communication, arguably the most valuable social skill of all." – Scientific American Mind

Would you like to experiment with playful communication & other cool stuff -

while having fun?
Interact with others playing easy theater games on Zoom while practicing skills that will help you professionally and personally. No experience necessary!