...an original sketch & musical comedy that uncovers what's underneath this curious thing called love.

Some of the questions we explore...

* Can couples exist in the same bathroom?
* What do Prince Charming and Snow White talk about
   after that kiss?
* Can a Date Doctor help?
* Do you know what’s in your girlfriend’s nightstand?
* Is love just Performance Art?

These  and other scenes  put a humorous light on  how we deal with love, sex, and relationships.  

Whether you're in or out of love, this is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

"One of the most fun shows I have ever seen."

- picky New Yorker


"Funny AND relevant."

- Austinite relationship expert


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Delilah Blake

Pat Buchta
Kendall Collier
Bruce Ewing

Quen Franks

Mandy Hernandez

Jeremy Moran

Sammy Peters
Devon Ragsdale

Chad Warren

Our sold-out shows Feb. 10 & 11 at the

Dougherty Arts Center were ALOT of fun!

Stay tuned to find out when we'll be performing it again.