Fran Goldsmith has focused over 35 years of experience in business, entrepreneurship, executive coaching and human development education into the foundations of Curiosity Lab & Theater and Curiosity Learning Systems.

The foundations. In the early ‘90s, she identified curiosity as the leading quality behind peak performance—long before it became a buzzword in American business. This has led her to work with some of the world’s leading innovators in human development, organizational learning and psychology, as well as study both the science behind and real-world applications of curiosity as expressed within the companies, groups and individuals with whom she worked.

While curiosity is often held as an intangible force, or merely a quirk of personality, Fran approaches curiosity as something that can be learned and measured.  She has developed the Curiosity Skills a large set of teachable curiosity traits, and has proven the effectiveness of her approach over the last 20 years within corporate and public settings through training workshops and/or group and individual coaching sessions.

Credentials. Fran is a business advisor and coach to a wide range of clientele: start-up solo entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs running multi-billion-dollar businesses, CEOs, and senior executives from Fortune 100 companies. She co-founded Curiosity Lab & Theater to promote the path of curiosity as a way to improve the quality of life and work for individuals around the world.

Fran’s natural fascination about what people really enjoy led her to work in travel-related industries and in her early thirties she created a business specializing in high-end luxury groups, specialty meetings and incentive travel.  She was soon working with Fortune 100 companies, and coordinating trips that spanned the globe for up to 500 people at a time, boasting 100% repeat clientele and annual revenues in the millions.

Ongoing curiosity about what makes for quality of life, work and community has taken her around the world to learn from the best. She holds multiple certifications and decades of hands-on training from many disciplines and continues to educate herself in the topics of business, success, neuroscience and how people learn.

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