SOME OF OUR SAMPLE TOPICS INCLUDE:

Buyers today want more than products and services.  They are also looking for authentic, long-term connections.

Those with extraordinary skill in the art of reading people and connecting with them become top in their field.  These are the new 'selling' skills.

In this engaging presentation, we will address and practice warming up a cold call, noticing the effect of your communication on others, appreciating people, following their curiosity, and being their favorite call of the day.


In any work environment you may be in, people with conflict resolution skills can bring incredible value and success to a project.  In this session, you will discover new ways to address conflict at work, dealing with challenging personalities and having those difficult conversations.

Attend this talk with one of your difficult conversations in mind and discover two essential tools that will transform the experience from tension to possibilities!


Whether you are speaking to one client, or one thousand, people want genuine connections. Discover how to go from procedures to stellar service, from “golf-clapping” to genuine appreciation, from a one-time client to a life-long one.

Learn and practice two skills carefully selected for your group based upon your desired outcomes and what would be most useful for them.

CONTACT US  to  discuss which topic best fits your group.    Speaker bios available upon request.

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Our speakers have extensive experience and bring a unique approach that is always customized for your group through select topics and interactive exercises.

They share experiences of rediscovering curiosity - and how this applies to leadership, communication, presentation skills, sales, customer service and diversity. 

Our goal is to make sure each presentation is a perfect and inspiring fit for your attendees.

"We enjoyed the opportunity to have experiential learning.  Future presenters will have a hard act to follow."
                       - Program Director, National Association

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