Whether you are wondering what to do with the rest of your life, launching as a free-lancer, solo-entrepreneur or small business owner – or are ready to take your existing business or career to the next level - Fran has the proven experience of being a successful business owner as well as coaching thousands of people over the last 25 years.

Through her receptive, curious and direct approach, Fran will assist you to reach into who you really are to create the next steps in your business, career, relationships and life - according to your actual nature.

Her specialties are best outlined in highlights of some of her client success stories:


  • Built multi-million dollar businesses with highly productive, enthusiastic teams
  • Developed better observation skills and broader perspectives
  • Expanded their business into new markets
  • Found the right collaborators
  • Improved their hiring skills
  • Increased their ability to delegate
  • Developed ways to increase their business while creating more personal time
  • Learned to bring out the best in their teams

Professional Development:

  • Substantially increased their income
  • Discovered what they really wanted to do with their life
  • Changed careers
  • Launched their own business
  • Went from solo-entrepreneurs to small business owners
  • Increased sales and customer service performance
  • Learned how to grow their existing business
  • Created a significantly more desirable position within their company
  • Improved their people skills and levels of work enjoyment


  • Went from zero annual income as a coach to $250,000 within 3 years
  • Published well-recognized business books
  • Became a sought-after speaker who regularly appears on CNN and MSNBC
  • Grew from life coach to successful corporate coach and trainer
  • Created a multi-million dollar international coaching firm with over 100 coaches
  • Hosted a radio show with such renowned guests as Deepak Chopra and the late Wayne Dyer
  • Left their day job and now supports themselves as coaches
  • Travels, coaches and trains internationally

Performers, writers and artists:

  • Performed in sold-out shows in New York City
  • Produced original music and cd's
  • Opened their own for-profit theater
  • Wrote for Saturday Night Live
  • Completed and published original books

For the last 25 years, 97% of all clients report enormous success in the outcomes they set out to achieve.

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"You have an amazing ability to tune in to people, then reflect back to them precisely and accurately what's going on or what is needed.  It's invaluable and surprising, with no gimmicks or lists of tricks for success.  You let me know that I have the power to get where I want to go, and gave me practical approaches to get there."   - Freelancer

"It is worth an hour of my time for a minute of your reflection."  - Entrepreneur

Individual Coaching with Fran Goldsmith -

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