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Fran Goldsmith - Chief Muse

From the time Fran was a little girl, she always wondered what she was doing here.  (Perhaps growing up in Ft. Apache the Bronx had something to do with this.  Maybe you saw the movie?)

As she grew up, she realized she 'saw' the world very differently from how it looked around her - the way people treated each other, how everything was so gray.  This wasn't how it really was, right?!  (She later understood why Manhattan was shot in black and white.)

Her life significantly altered when she realized she could change the movie set at any time and happily went into the travel business.  It was great - she would step into an airplane in one movie set and step out into another.  Travel became her very own magic carpet ride.

She later realized where better to travel than the truest, seemingly impossible dreams of people and how to make those a reality!

Now, as an executive coach and a producer of Curiosity Lab & Theater events, she shares amazing visions of the world...and in color!

For her more "serious" bio,  read on...