Executive Coaching with Fran Goldsmith -

by phone or online

"I learned the skills (which gave me the confidence) to start asking for what I specifically want from both my personal and professional relationships. I’ve started to outline and clearly articulate my goals and I’m now completing projects/initiatives that will specifically help me achieve them."  - VP Personal Banking

"I was able to better understand how I was viewed by people I was speaking to, which allowed me to modify my communication approach."   - VP Physicians Group

“She has helped me solve seemingly intractable problems in professional development, career and business growth, and interpersonal conflicts.”  - SVP Marketing & Communications

“Her ability to immediately and accurately grasp complex situations and perceive well beyond what is being said consistently provides new perspective, possibilities and approaches to time-worn issues.”   - CEO Manufacturing

“Fran quickly established rapport and trust with each person in the department.” 

- COO Hospital

“While she is always generating a field of positive regard, she is also willing to call me on my stuff when I am mired in it.” - Executive, Global Consulting

“Compared to most coaches/trainers, she takes a fraction of the time to influence better results.  I highly recommend her if you need surgical accuracy in problem solving, team development, communication, and executive career building.”   - CEO Real Estate

“Fran has an uncanny ability with warmth and a few wise words to help me understand my situation and quickly develop effective options. She is very perceptive and gets to the core of things, even when I might not at first,”  

- Manager, Food and Beverage

"I received positive feedback from many of my team members that the quality and specificity of my feedback has improved over the past few months. Individuals are listening to my feedback on their performance or specific actions and are now more aware of how to correct developmental areas or replicate positive behaviors."  - SVP Financial

“The outcomes we ‘brainstormed’ in our initial meetings were delivered.  The surveys of over 95% of our managers were exceptional.”  – Managing Director, Banking

“The class provided concrete, actionable skills. They were presented in a way that will allow us to use the information learned immediately and repeatedly.” 

– Manager, Global Products

“Your training raised awareness of options, skills, and tools that I didn’t know had a name.”  – VP Banking

“When we implemented the concepts from the training in our company, the dialogue became more receptive between departments and among company leaders.  Creativity went way up, and we also found new revenue streams and ways to partner with vendors.”  – CEO Hospital

Fran has the proven experience of being a successful business owner, working in a large corporate environment, and coaching thousands of people over the last 25 years. She will assist you to generate clearly defined outcomes and results according to your truest nature, while meeting the needs of your organization.

Through her receptive, curious and direct approach, you will:

  • Clarify next steps
  • Create desired results
  • Develop and grow your career
  • Discover new revenue streams
  • Become more aware of your impact on others
  • Improve people skills
  • Shift attitudes and behaviors
  • Enjoy your work more
  • Further your journey to self-actualization

Her results are best outlined with testimonials from past clients:

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For the last 25 years, 97% of all clients report enormous success in the outcomes they set out to achieve.   Fran has worked with clients from such companies as  J.P. Morgan, Schlumberger, Cornerstone Home Lending, Avon, Johnson and Johnson, Exxon, University of Texas, New York University and many others.

Fran customizes her coaching engagement for each individual she works with. Contact her to discuss what’s possible:

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