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At the heart of Fran’s focused executive coaching programs are results.  These are accomplished by developing new abilities and perceptions which effectively lead to a positive shift in behavior and actions, while furthering the individual’s journey to self-actualization, increased self-awareness, and improved people skills.

Self-Actualization/Leadership Coaching

                          * Perspective           * Vision            * Strategy             * Innovation

The best leaders access the collective intelligence in themselves and their organization. This kind of skill comes from recognizing their own strengths and weaknesses and learning how to draw out the unique qualities of other people.  This level of service requires a self-awareness and perspective that must be developed.  

Fran understands the unique needs of senior leaders and can instantly assess the organization's culture and challenge the assumptions holding it back. She provides a confidential sounding board and thinking partner for high-level executives.

Developing Emerging Leaders

  * Clarity      * Win-win communications and actions       * Alertness       * Managers into leaders   

Discover how to provide exponential organizational impact as you learn to proficiently read and better communicate with others, while discovering how to leverage these skills throughout your career.

Career Advancement

     *Clarity  * Strengths Finding and Development  * How to ask for what you want and get it

                                                      * Interpersonal skills and communication

Fran will assist you to become crystal clear about the role you want, what it will take to obtain it, who to speak to, and how to best to communicate with them.

Behavioral Changes

                        * People Skills * Attitude Adjustments * Getting along well with others
                                                     * Action and results vs The Blame Game

Most challenges in the workplace are with the “other” people.  Unspoken interpersonal grievances stop the flow of information and effectiveness before the work even begins.  Fran’s ability to identify these sometimes unseen grievances, and kindly shine a light on how to improve these situations, creates better outcomes that everyone wants, shifting behaviors to positive results and actions rather than who did what and the blame game.

Increased Self-Awareness and Action

“What is necessary to change a person, is to change his awareness of himself.” Abraham Maslow

As individuals gain clarity about what they really want and what it takes to create it, they begin to have the conversations and actions that move them in that direction.  As they become aware of their impact on others and how it impacts the results they want, their behavior naturally shifts.  

About Fran Goldsmith

Fran works deeply with individuals and small groups in 3 – 6 month and year-long coaching and learning experiences that consistently produce sustainable performance improvement. 

For more than 25 years, clients have reported career and business advances, as well as increased incomes and an overall higher quality of life.  (References available from CEO’s, senior executives, business owners, and coaches.)

Top Strengths:  

Quickly establishes rapport and trust • Immediately and accurately grasps complex situations • Perceives well beyond what is being said • Provides new perspective, possibilities and approaches to time-worn issues   • Upgrades autopilot to awareness • Generates behavioral shifts, action, results and skills development 

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Executive Coaching with Fran Goldsmith