Curiosity Coaching Salon

...an afternoon of people reading, coaching and curiosity with

Fran Goldsmith, co-founder of Curiosity Lab & Theater

Our deeper intelligence and true desires are often hard to hear. By utilizing a few simple curiosity skills, this honest, fun and curiosity-evoking group event will reach into who you really are and assist you to create the next steps in your business, career, relationships and life – according to your actual nature.  

This event is designed for you to explore your individual situation, as well as the opportunity to learn from the discoveries of others.   As the afternoon progresses, you will find yourself practicing new people reading skills that will assist you in every professional and personal arena in your life.

Be ready to see yourself and others, even those you 'think you know', in completely different ways.

This event is great for coaches and other professionals who want to explore new ways of working with their clients and see the value of adding people reading and the ability to cultivate curiosity to their skills sets.    

If you are ready to leave ‘auto-pilot’ and become one of those few brave souls who learn to listen to an inner voice… and act on it, then this is for you.

Group size is 6 to 10 people and is scheduled for private events.

For more information: 

                                                          CALL - 212-575-1789


                                                    EMAIL - info@curiositylabandtheater.com

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