Curiosity Camp

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People reading, curiosity & play to transform how you see and be in the world...

Curiosity Camp is a playful retreat for small groups who want to refresh and step away from their everyday vantage point to see new perspectives and approaches.

In our busy lives, the more subtle truths can easily be overlooked.  Every day we have to sort through the constant influx of information, people and choices. Often it is hard to hear our own voice, or have a moment of clarity amidst the onslaught of demands and sensory overload that permeate daily living and work.

Curiosity Camp is playful and energizing, yet provides profound curiosity skills that generate new options, even for time-worn challenges.  It is an opportunity to quiet the noise and allow the more relevant signals to come through.  As our alertness increases, we begin to notice what was there all along, only now it has somehow moved to the forefront of our awareness.  Challenges which seemed like roadblocks suddenly have new pathways.  Interactions that were at a crossroads take a turn for the better.  New options begin to emerge where none appeared before.

 Through games, open conversation, quality circles, individual interviews, and a variety of exercises, participants will step into the world of creativity, innovation, and curiosity.

                              Curiosity Camp is a time of play, flow and new strategies.

Whether your company, team or organization is at a major turning point, or just fine-tuning your existing situation, this will provide the spark you need for next steps and access to a compass that will keep things on track and growing in the right direction.

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