…your path to fame and fortune - or at least the breakroom snacks! 

The Lab Players guarantee to keep participants engaged and attentive with an uplifting, original sketch & musical comedy show that pokes a bit of fun at the world of business.

In our signature show, Successitude, our well-meaning “facilitators” attempt to give everyone tips on having the right attitude for success. Naturally, confusion abounds! In their attempt to guide us to success, they hilariously stumble through technical issues, Casual Friday, teambuilding, networking, and the fridge in the break room, to name a few.

This show is tweaked to reflect your industry and the theme of your gathering.  Our humor is clean, globally sensitive and spot-on, full of hysterically accurate scenarios from the workplace.  We can playfully, but respectfully, incorporate your VIP's and honored guests, create interactive moments with the audience, and possibly cause LWS*.

 * LWS - Laughing With a Snort

We also provide pre-show activities such as interactive stations with character actors and contests – the winners and prizes are announced during the show.

Main Stage Show - 60 minutes
General Session Launch - 15 minutes -  We'll get everyone awake and laughing, ready to absorb the information coming their way!
Spouse Entertainment - 3 hours - We'll take them on a bus tour of the most wacky places we can find in the city and then treat them to our comedy show and lunch.

For more about our customized shows for your event, please read a few of our Client Experiences:

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