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You want to give a speech to share your passion, insights, inspiration and information.  Or you have to deliver a sales or team-building talk at work.  Perhaps you need a promo video for your business.  But how many presentations have you seen that have the right ingredients yet somehow miss the mark?  There is polite "golf clapping" but no real enthusiasm from the audience.  Or they look like a "talking head", not a real person who connects with the clients.

On stage, even in the spotlight as a speaker, we are often hiding behind characters and personalities that have little to do with who we really are and what we really want to say.

What if the best way to unleash your natural charisma (you do, too have it) is by being more playful?  What if honestly “remembering yourself” is the key that builds trust and connection with your audience?

Delilah has extensive experience facilitating groups and brings a unique approach that is always customized for your organization.  Instead of a lecture, motivational speech or PowerPoint presentation, her “talks" are highly participatory. 

Through time-tested, fun and engaging games and exercises, she gets everyone involved in playfully becoming more relaxed on stage, more connected with the audience and more present for their…presentation!

Her goal is to make sure each talk is a perfect and inspiring fit for your attendees and that they walk away with new tools to use.

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"We enjoyed the opportunity to laugh as we learned.  Future presenters will have a hard act to follow."
                       - Program Director, National Association

YOU ONSTAGE - An Interactive Talk with Delilah Blake

How to connect, be more yourself & have more fun in your presentation or promo video - whether it's for 5 people or 500!