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The ice breaker session to start our conference was a big hit!  Thank you!      - UT Wellness Summit

YOU ONSTAGE -Ice Breakers

When you need to jump-start an event and get everyone connected and ready to participate fully, we’ll provide activities that will assist each person to discover something new about themselves and their co-workers...while having fun! 

· Conferences
· Team Meetings
· Break-out Sessions

No one wants to look out from the podium on a group of people whose eyes are glazed over.  But let’s say it’s a morning meeting and they’ve barely had their coffee and bagel. Or it’s after lunch and – yep – nap time!  Or they’re a bit shy and don’t know the other attendees.

This is where Delilah Blake, co-founder of Curiosity Lab & Theater, comes in handy. She will facilitate group games that help get your participants off to a great start, get their brains receptive to new information, and get them in the spirit to participate fully in the conference or meeting.

Delilah is an experienced and respectful guide and uses well-tested, tried and true icebreakers that have proven successful at warming up audiences for years. She has seen them make a huge difference in the  effectiveness of the event because people feel more connected, relaxed and open.

Delilah is an expert at creating a fun and nurturing environment that is tailored to meet your specific focus and group size.

In 1 hour and half-day formats.